30 Aug 2018

What are the keys to academic success ?

Academic success
Photo What are the keys to academic success ?

Parents occupy a primary place in the success of children. In this way, what are the keys to academic success?

Motivation: the main key to academic success

Motivation remains the key to academic success. Thus, to arouse the interest of the child, the parents insist on actions that aim to motivate him. To do this, it is necessary to speak of the positive points of the school. Next, parents need to be more interested in their child's school activities. Thus, this interest helps him to understand the importance of his school life. The implementation of a homework routine is essential to get him used to a regular rhythm.

In addition, to ensure motivation, the setting of concrete and realistic objectives seems necessary. Supervised by his parents, the pupil can develop a strategy to achieve his ends. Then, the efforts deserve a valorization more than the results. This behavior encourages the student to multiply his efforts and thus obtain a good result. Moreover, to congratulate him, nothing like an occasional reward or privilege.

Give a good picture of the studies

Since birth, the child feeds his curiosity by exploring his body and catching the objects of those who close to them. As it grows, this desire to learn is more lively. Also, it is essential to introduce him to culture, to travel, to various distractions ... Throughout his education, the child must also understand the meaning of studies. This awareness leads him to take responsibility and to motivate himself.

In addition, the child learns from parental attitudes. Thus, they must be motivated to work so that the child is motivated by the school. In addition to extracurricular activities, some exercises, in this case sport, musical instruments, games accentuate its creativity. However, this entertainment should not be removed under the pretext of a bad result. Moreover, it is better to talk about study in a specific place at the appropriate time.

Provide a favorable environment for studies

An environment conducive to work is essential to guarantee academic success. First, a fixed work schedule should be established to avoid irregular work. Only this schedule adapts to the rhythm of the family. The calm and the serenity are more inseparable to the studies. To promote concentration, it is essential to reduce noise and any form of noise pollution in the home.

A school-friendly envrionment is essential to foster education. However, some institutions, particularly disadvantaged regions, suffer from a lack of infrastructure. Fortunately, humanitarian associations are helping these institutions recover. In fact, the Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation, headed by Tarek Bouchamaoui with his brothers and sisters, aims to encourage schooling in Tunisia. To do this, Tarek Bouchamaoui and his association have renovated 12 primary schools in Gabes, southeast of Tunisia.