25 Aug 2018

5 keys to help students getting an academic success !

5 keys to help students
Photo 5 keys to help students getting an academic success !

School success depends on several factors, including parental influence. Therefore, what are the keys to academic success?

Improve study design

To succeed in schooling, young people have an interest in having a strong academic aspiration. Learning is intentional. In addition, long studies lead to a good investigation, but short studies encourage laziness. The capacity and pace of learning are indeed related to the design of the studies. Also, parents are required to convey the importance of good training for the future life of the student.

Promote self-confidence

Self-confidence remains an essential point for successful studies. Despite high cognitive abilities, a student with low confidence can quickly deteriorate his academic performance. Confidence encourages commitment and self-improvement. Parents also have a role to play in improving the child's trust. To do this, it is important to value the good results and to encourage an improvement in the failures.

Have good time management

Time management is also a key point to consider to promote academic success. Work must be planned in order to avoid the loss of time. To do this, the student sets a specific time to study and a rest period according to family constraints. This regularity is essential in order to accustom the learner to manage his time from primary school. Conversely, poor time management leads to irregular work and overload during exam periods.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Generally, parents focus on the failures of their children and end up forgetting their strength. However, it is important for both parents and children to identify the student's strengths and points. Thus, strengths will be improved and solutions will address weaknesses. Parents must also relativize failures and encourage effort.

Create a favorable environment for studies

An atmosphere conducive to studies is essential at home. The child needs a break to clear his mind for a brief moment. He must then go back to his studies. For this, tranquility and tranquility are essential to maximize its concentration.

Also, a calm environment within the school is necessary to promote academic success. It is indeed at school that students manage to assimilate the courses. However, many schools are poor in infrastructure in disadvantaged areas. Fortunately, humanitarian agencies offer support to improve the working conditions of students. Moreover, the Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation under the leadership of Tarek Bouchamaoui and his siblings started a renovation of 12 primary schools in Gabès, Tunisia. This action by Tarek Bouchamaoui and its foundation aims to provide an environment conducive to studying students of Tunisia.