How to ensure the academic success of your child ?

How to ensure the academic success of your child ?

We send our children to school from an early age so that they can learn little by little and that they can have a better future later ! This is the simplest and most natural explanation that each parent keeps in mind. The key to a child's success is a commitment where parents and educators will develop. The path to a child's academic success is not easy.

Everything starts at home!

Parents are the first responsible for a child's academic success. A child needs a supportive environment in which he feels free to grow intellectually and speak with confidence.

Children also need discipline and structure. If these requirements are not provided at home, they will have difficulties in class. Yet, in Tunisia, dropping out of school is a reality where every day many children stop going to school for various reasons. The main thing is still poverty, where families prefer to see their child earn money or help them achieve it.

Schools are also far away and it takes a lot of physical effort, but most of them face malnutrition. This is also the case in several countries where thousands of children are losing interest in school because of poor infrastructure, lack of school supplies, insecurity, etc.

Tarek Bouchamaoui ( is a founding member of the Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation. The organization carries a great commitment in various social helpers, including education. The distribution of school bags with supplies in several schools in the governorate of Gabes which bears the name of "Cartables for all", is very good example.

Academic success

The responsibility of a teacher is very important in education. The teacher has the role of guide, he is paid to transmit his knowledge and to show the why and how to the children. Many regions have only one classroom with very few teachers for hundreds of students.

Yet, many blame the teacher for failures or he is not fundamentally responsible for decisions for education. The state of the schools must be as pleasant as possible so that every child can flourish. The Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation, led by Tarek Bouchamaoui, sponsored the Bouchama Middle School English Club or renovated dozens of schools in the Gabès governorate in Tunisia.

Tips for getting an academic success

The education of children at school is a team effort that involves efforts from the child, parents and teachers. The education system needs to be pushed so that it can give the maximum support to each institution.

Work with the teacher to improve the child's academic success and social well-being. Attend parent-teacher meetings and stay informed about your child's progress. Talk to your child's teacher about what you can do at home to help your child. Go on an excursion with your child's class and volunteer to help the teacher in class, on the playground or at special events.

Talk daily with your child about the school. Ask your child what he learned that day. Ask how the day went, and ask about your child's friends. Examine your child's homework every night, see regularly.

Be a positive voice for your child. Remember, teachers, principals and others who work for the school are here to help you.

If a problem occurs, talk to him or her. Talk to the teacher too. Meet with the teacher at a time that suits you, the teacher and the school principal, or the vice principal.

Prepare for the meeting as it is the best time to talk about your expectations. Involvement of parents in children's schools

Research has shown that there is good performance when parents and families support their children's learning at home and at school. Parents and families remain involved throughout the education of their children. Schools create programs that support families to guide the education of their children. Each parent should then take part in :

Parent involvement in school planning

Develop parents' skills and parental training

Feedback from parents on the quality of the school

Make regular meetings with parents